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For some, the perfect day on the water is a secluded cove paired with a good book. This list of must-do adventures isn’t for those people. If you’re looking to push your boundaries, your bucket list starts here.


Few apex predators have entered our collective cultural imagination like the great white shark. With row upon row of serrated teeth, torpedo-like speeds, and weight heavier than a Ford Focus, it’s no surprise why. But those nightmarish characteristics are also what make this creature so inherently misunderstood. Which is why you’re going to need to forget every Hollywood movie you’ve ever seen and take our advice: Go diving with sharks. Whether it’s the ghostly armadas of hammerheads in the Galápagos or the humongous white-spotted whale sharks off the Yucatan Peninsula, nothing can prepare you for seeing these remarkable animals up close, in their natural habitat. More interested in seeing great whites? Then it’s best not to leave anything up to chance—you’ll want to get in a cage. —Simon Murray