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Memoirist and author Daniel Mendelsohn was fresh off teaching a course on The Odyssey at Bard College when he and his father decided to join a 10-day cruise that recreated the epic journey of Odysseus and his crew. An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic recounts the author’s father-son bonding experience in the classroom and on the waters of the Mediterranean. While we’re the last people to recommend taking a cruise ship, the story got us thinking. What would an epic cruise look like: from Troy, in present-day Turkey, to Ithaki, a small island in the Ionian Sea which purports to be Ithaca, the mythical island that Odysseus called home? While a veritable smorgasbord for history buffs, the trip has it all: stops in Malta, Naples, Delos, and Sicily. Food. Wine. Ruins. Maybe Odysseus had the right idea after all. After wandering the Mediterranean and delighting in all it has to offer, you might never want to head home again. —S.M.


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