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See, the deal is, there are scads of high-performance powerboats at America’s Cup events these days, primarily due to one thing. The chase, support, and safety vessels required need to be fast, reliable, and agile in order to keep up with the wind-energized race boats, with their hydraulically actuated, high-flying adjustable foils, carbon-fiber wings, and totally insane top speeds. Heck, during the most recent doings in Bermuda, I watched from the official photo boat at close proximity as two highly spirited contenders zoomed across the finish line, more out of the water than in, at speeds of 44 freaking knots! A whole passel of powerboats zoomed right along behind them, bearing the badges of companies like Salthouse, HO, and Insetta. And whooeee, talk about an event with a salty ambience—I’m not sure there’s another racing competition in the world that sports such committed, wholly boaty spectators. Thousands and thousands of ’em. So, hey, if you want to immerse yourself, your family, and your acquaintances in the most seriously rousing spate of boatiness you’ll ever experience this side of the Great Beyond, get yourself to Auckland, New Zealand, for the next AC event, mate! —Capt. Bill Pike


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