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Rum and boating, they just go together like, well, rum and boating. This connection got its start hundreds of years ago when adventurous seamen traveled across the Atlantic to the sugar-cane-rich Caribbean islands of Martinique, St. Vincent, and Barbados to acquire the amber beverage by the barrelful. (Something tells us their return trip was much more fun.) Today it’s much easier to cruise down to the Caribbean to visit the distilleries, learn about their history, and sample your favorite rum. For example, The Moorings has begun offering sailboat charters in Martinique that include stops at the Clement Rum factory and the Neisson Distillery. We’re hopeful they will see the light and begin offering powerboat charters in the near future. Until then you can arrive on your own hull and stop in St. Vincent for the award-winning Capt. Bligh XO. Or you could pop into Barbados to explore and sample Mount Gay rum. This is one adventure you’ll never forget, or will you? —D.H.


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