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If you have the means to enjoy a high-end yacht charter yet still haven’t experienced one, keep reading. Or if you have taken one yet have concluded that there’s nothing else that could be so tailored to your tastes, you should pay close attention, too. Chances are that neither of you realize there’s a company catering to the seafaring set that can and does offer access to an even more exclusive experience, involving private clubs, villas, and invitation-only events—even down to arranging for the private jet and limousine to get you there.

Introducing PrivatSea, a members-only organization that prides itself on what Luisa Norfolk, its marketing manager, calls “lifestyle service.” Having targeted the European market since 2004, PrivatSea is entering the American market with its all-encompassing approach to arranging charter vacations (and even corporate charters).


You can charter this yacht and gain entry to members-only clubs through PrivatSea.

The reason PrivatSea believes its service is different is because it says its staff not only knows the various charter brokers, yachts, and clubs personally, but also because they get to know members’ preferences. Say you are an avid racing fan. An alliance with the Automobile Club de Monaco (in Monaco, naturally) lets PrivatSea members (depending on membership level) attend the annual Monaco Grand Prix drivers’ gala dinner. History buff? Because of PrivatSea’s alliance with the Yacht Club of Greece, you can enjoy a drink or dinner there while taking in the views of the ruins at the famed Acropolis. Other alliances include villas in France and St. Martin, private banking consultants, and private jet fleets.

In the yacht world PrivatSea has partnered with Royal Denship for new construction and International Yacht Collection and Cavendish White for charter. PrivatSea’s charter fleet also includes yachts exclusive to the organization, thanks to its sister company PrivatSea Yachting, which manages famed yachts such as RM Elegant and Alexander. And still others are yachts belonging to members.

Regardless, PrivatSea selects each yacht the same way: based on the yacht’s reputation, the crew’s experience, and how well security is maintained. If you’ve been following our exclusive features "The World’s 100 Largest Yachts" and "America’s 100 Largest Yachts" over the years, you’ll probably recognize some of the following names. In the Caribbean, for example, you can charter the likes of Reverie, Masquerade, Jamaica Bay, or Zoom Zoom Zoom. If you’re interested in a summer charter in New England, Sacajawea and Symphony II are available, and along the rest of the East Coast you can choose between Lady Deborah and Aspen Alternative. And along the West Coast, the expedition yacht Revelation will cater to your needs.


Christopher Suffeleers

Only personally inspected yachts like Reverie are offered for your charter vacation.

Members also are invited to join PrivatSea’s annual winter and summer cruises, to areas such as Greece, Alaska, Croatia, the Windward Islands, and the South Pacific.

Now your interest is piqued? Good—but better act soon, as PrivatSea membership is capped at just 100 people, to preserve its “personal, one-on-one treatment,” Norfolk explains.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.