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Monhegan Island Cruising Guide

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Make the Most of Monhegan

There’s a lot to do in less than 1 square mile.

Moor or Less: Raise the harbormaster on the VHF as you approach if you wish to take a mooring in the harbor, or just cruise on in and give him a wave, as we did.


Art for Art’s Sake: The village at Monhegan has numerous studios and galleries and you may find a unique treasure to bring onboard to always remind you of your visit to the island. Look for the Lupine Gallery, J.R. Baldini, Ruth Zachary Photography, Winter Works, and others.

Fare Winds: Eating well from the sea is easy on the Maine Coast and Monhegan is no exception. Choose from the Fish House Fish Market, Carina, Black Duck Emporium, and more.

Walking Tall: The island is crisscrossed by 17 miles of hiking trails. They’re fairly rugged, and therefore no bicycles or strollers are permitted.

Let There Be Light: If you’re staying overnight, bring extra flashlights and batteries. It gets very dark.

A Word of Caution: Monhegan is exposed to the open ocean, and therefore poses some risk: Don’t swim anywhere on the island but Swim Beach. Other locations or anchorages may have powerful undertows that can be hazardous. Also, remember that wet rocks can be slippery.

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Total Fuel
$924.72. (From Portland to Monhegan is a distance of roughly 45 nautical miles each way, plus we made a side trip to Port Clyde for a total of about 110 nautical miles. With an average cruise speed of around 17.7 knots, we burned 192.65 gallons of diesel available at a price of $4.80 per gallon).

Total Dockage
$110. Monhegan moorings may be available at no cost. Transient dockage at Spring Point Marina in Portland goes for $2.50 per foot per night ($110 per night for the Hunt 44).

$.50. We made the suggested 50-cent donation to use the public restroom.

Food and Restaurant Meals
$60. Lunch and coffee for five at the Barnacle Café.

Grand Total

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