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Maritime Signal Flags

What’s Old is New Again

This amazingly addicting tool is the key to unlocking the lost language of signal flags.

Maritime signal flags, once a vital tool for communicating between ships, have now been relegated to the rafters of yacht clubs the world over, save for the odd boat parade. Many signal flags have multiple meanings, for example a solid white flag with a red diamond at its center means, “I’m disabled; communicate with me” and a blue and yellow striped flag means, “I require a pilot.” They also mean “F” and “G” respectively.

In the tool below you can create customized messages of your own. Whether you want to send a secret signal to a friend, craft a salty wall decoration for your home, or add a salty touch to your boat, this (oddly addicting) program is your Rossetta Stone to the lost language of signal flags.

Type a letter or number to get the corresponding flag:

Clear the screen and start over