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Like many of you, the editors have been following along with Capt. Bill Pike’s rehabilitation of his Cape Dory 28 Flybridge, the Betty Jane II. We’ve learned a lot from his boat projects but were excited to hear him say, “I’m ready to go cruising.” We filled our bags with gear and electronics and made a beeline for Jacksonville for what ended up being a full, fun 3-day adventure. Enjoy a taste of our most recent cruise here. I hope it inspires you to push away from the dock and enjoy an adventure of your own. –Daniel Harding Jr.

Read more about Cumberland Island, Georgia here. ▶


Bird's-Eye View of Cumberland Island

We sent the Power & Motoryacht drone up to check out the views of Cumberland Island.

[Warning: Gear Testing in Progress]

The gear testing continues...

Tree Climbing

THIS is why we cruise. Sometimes the best adventures are lying right under your nose.

Cruising with the Dolphins

Who doesn’t like making a new friend on the water?