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Aboard Feadship's 152-foot Megayacht Audacia along the Cote d’Azur. Page 2

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A Glimpse of the good life along the Cote d’Azur aboard Feadship's 152-foot Megayacht Audacia.

Antibes & Eden Roc


Photos by Jim Raycroft

Antibes’ past as a fortress is still visible.

With all of these five-star luxuries, staying aboard Audacia would have been easy, but I was there to work. So I dragged myself away from the croissants to explore the South of France. The first port on our itinerary was Antibes, which happens to be where yacht crews often await assignments. It’s a yachtie town, giving it a relaxed atmosphere. During the day, a covered market sells fruits, stinky cheeses, meats, a variety of salts and soaps, and flowers, and at night, local artists sell their paintings and moderately obscene sculptures. Not far away, Boulevard d’Aguillon is lined with bars and restaurants and comes alive at night.

West along the coast and past one home of Roman Abromovich, the Russian billionaire and multi-megayacht owner, is Hotel du Cap, a favorite of celebrities and the simply wealthy since the 1930s. Though it’s accessible by car, I took Audacia’s tender to a long pier at the rear that was being pummeled by breakers. Disembarking was a bit of a challenge, and getting back into the tender would be a hurdle I’d have to face on my return. A wedding reception was being held in the main dining room, overlooking the bluffs, the sea, and the infinity pool whose edge appeared to disappear into the Med. I made my way up a gravel road lined with low labyrinthine hedges to the main hotel and the Le Bellini bar, renowned for its eponymous cocktail of rich and creamy peach juice and fizzy champagne. At Hotel du Cap, even the ashtrays are trimmed in gold.

This article originally appeared in the December 2010 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.