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Tested: Helly Hansen Skagen F1 Offshore shoes

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The Helly Hansen Skagen F1 Offshore is a dynamic, comfortable shoe with contemporary styling.

On a recent summer afternoon I was headed home from a day of striped bass fishing on Long Island Sound. My mind was clear and I felt alive in the sunburned, windswept way that usually means it was a good day. It wasn’t until I arrived home and took off my shoes that I realized my feet didn’t hurt. For most people, that wouldn’t be a revelation. But usually after a full day on my feet, taking off my shoes is the only thing on my mind.

The Helly Hansen Skagen F1 Offshore shoes ($130) are built for sailing, but they perform just as well on the decks of their diesel-powered brethren. The non-marking, grippy outsole is more substantial than a regular boat shoe, and the lace-up design gives them a more rugged feel.

It seems Helly Hansen has taken a page from the book of ultra runners and incorporated a wide toe box that gives the shoe a more natural fit. The Skagens felt a little narrow through the middle, but I appreciated having snug feet without pinched toes.

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My favorite aspect of this shoe is the blend of breathability and durability. The mesh upper kept my feet cool and dry, and the HellyWear overlays—a high-abrasion, lightweight synthetic developed by the 142 year-old Norwegian company—on the toe and mid-section provided a barrier for my piggies, should I go knocking into the cleats on the dock or the hardware on the boat.

They’re not waterproof—you trade that for breathability—but the water-repellent finish dispenses spray and wayward rain drops. After full submersion on a hot summer day, the outside of the shoes dried in about 15 minutes, but the inside was still wet after more than an hour. I imagine they’d dry faster with the insoles removed, as that component stayed waterlogged longest.

Muted and vibrant color options provide something for every-one. As classic as a boat shoe is, there’s something to be said for a more athletic shoe that fits like a sneaker and won’t slip off during a dash down the dock or onto the foredeck. They’re technical enough for boating, stylish enough for a trip into town and comfy enough to wear all day. What’s not to love?

This article originally appeared in the September 2019 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.