Working the Water: Sandy Hook Pilots Association

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Working the Water

We launch a new series that takes you behind the scenes with folks who make their living on the water.

Most recreational boaters wonder at some point what it would be like to trade an office job for one on the water. Sounds dreamy, right? At Power & Motoryacht, we interact every day—whether in person or on the phone—with folks who work on the water. We have the good fortune to have a foot in both worlds: the office, where we produce this magazine, and the field, where people are using their brains and their hands to make things happen.

As our list of story-worthy individuals grew, we realized we needed to spend a day with each one in order to really understand what they do and why it’s relevant to recreational boaters. With that, we’re bringing you Working the Water, a new series that dives behind the scenes of the jobs that make our time on the water safer and more enjoyable. It’s the guy in the overalls at the boatyard who you’ve nodded at a hundred times but don’t know his name; the mate on your sportfishing outing who looks way too young to be so knowledgeable; the crews patrolling our waters to keep us safe.

To kick off the series, we spent a day with the Sandy Hook Pilots in New York Harbor, retrieving a pilot from a container ship and chatting with others as they came and went from the pilot station. I’ve never heard so many people affirm that their current job is the only one they ever want. They feel they were born for it. You know, born to descend rope ladders that are, at times, shoddily tied to thousand-foot-long container ships that take more than ten minutes to come to a full stop.

We hope you’ll join us for a tour through the sometimes hidden, sometimes dangerous and always adventurous world of Working the Water.