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Yanmar 8LV Diesel

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Yanmar 8LV Diesel engine

Yanmar Marine
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8LV Diesel

Known for its high-revving lightweight engines, Yanmar Marine has unveiled its twin turbocharged V-8 diesel in two Tier III-compliant models, the 8LV320 and 8LV370. Because Yanmar can utilize the engine in stern drive or diesel applications, it can be used for everything from ski boats to cruisers. As an inboard, the 272-cid engine gets paired with Yanmar’s KMH50 transmission. Go stern drive and the engine is packaged with the ZT370 twin-prop drive. Yanmar stays true to its low-weight, high-output tradition with the engine, which weighs 450 kilograms and revs up to 3800 rpm, producing up to 370 metric horsepower. The engine uses Yanmar’s CAN-bus control system for plug-and-play-type installations, making it a great candidate for repower projects.