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Remote Control

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Yacht Controller

15+ Ways to Share the Gift of Boating

By the Editors of Power & Motoryacht

Yacht Controller ( is a wireless remote that aids in docking by allowing a captain to walk around onboard, dealing with mooring lines and fenders, while simultaneously maintaining control of his main engines and thrusters. There’s no question it makes docking easier for all sorts of folks. Anthony Valiente, sales manager for Yacht Controller, has an illustrative story. “I ran into an older guy at the Ft. Lauderdale show three years ago,” he says, “and he had put his 56-foot Neptunus up for sale because he and his wife could no longer dock the boat. She was having trouble grabbing the lines and he has a prosthetic arm, so you could imagine it would be tough. We pitched the Yacht Controller to him as a way to extend his boating career. He liked the idea, so we installed it for him, and to this day he is still boating. He found he could dock the boat easily!”