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World's Largest Yachts: 71-80

The PMY 100

   The World's Largest Yachts—2012 

71. C2 • 257'3"

Year Launched: 2008
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen, Germany
Naval Architect: builder/Reymond Langton Design
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/2,032-hp Caterpillars

A repeat client of Abeking & Rasmussen’s had everyone tight-lipped when this yacht was under construction. Of course, if you’re the owner, it’s your prerogative. But so, too, is talking about your yacht after delivery. That’s what Ron Perelman, the American with investments in everything from cosmetics to comics, did. He took delivery of C2 shortly after his ex-wife, Claudia Cohen, died of cancer. The two had remained close, so perhaps the yacht bears her initials in her honor. The yacht’s name is also the same as that of a charitable foundation, for cancer research, named for Cohen. 

72. Eminence • 257'3"

Year Launched: 2008
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen, Germany
Naval Architect: builder/Reymond Langton Design
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/2,032-hp Caterpillars

Eminence has a dedicated cinema onboard, but a room adjacent to and just forward of her saloon can double as an extra theater, given a large settee and equally large TV. Since that’s the location where the formal dining room traditionally goes, where do guests eat indoors? Aft on the upper deck, and surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. Another interesting feature: Her mast is shaped like a whale’s tale.

Click to enlarge image - Megayacht Eminence

73. Titan • 257'3"

Year Launched: 2010
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen, Germany
Naval Architect: builder/Reymond Langton Design
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/2,032-hp Caterpillars

If you’ve been paying attention to LOAs so far, you’ve probably noticed that Titan and the three megayachts preceding her are all the same exact size, from the same builder and design teams. They’re all based on a similar technical platform that Abeking & Rasmussen developed, but are not necessarily identical. Titan bears a gray hull color, while Eminence (no. 72) has a cream hull and both C2 and Amaryllis have blue hulls. Titan also doesn’t have an elevator rising to her sundeck, something Eminence has. Regardless, Titan is available for charter, though her price is only revealed upon serious inquiry. 

74. Montkaj • 256'0"

Year Launched: 1995
Builder: Amels, Holland
Naval Architect: builder/Terence Disdale Design
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/2,500-hp Caterpillars

More than a decade ago, Montkaj was lengthened 10 feet, making her streamlined shape even more sleek. She’s a regular along “Billionaire’s Row” at the International Yacht Club Antibes in Antibes, France and has belonged to a member of the Saudi Arabian ruling family since delivery. (Her owner is in government, but not the head of state, qualifying her for our list.)

Click to enlarge image - Megayacht Montkaj

75. Tango • 254'9"

Year Launched: 2008
Builder: Feadship/Royal Van Lent, Holland
Naval Architect: builder/Eidsgaard Design
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 4/3,110-hp MTUs

“Bold” doesn’t begin to describe Tango. There’s no mistaking her out on the water, given her metallic gray topsides, which further bear blue stripes, courtesy of Eidsgaard Design. She’s also capable of a reported 21-knot top speed, powered by quadruple engines. All guest accommodations are on the main deck, allowing friends and family better views than from belowdecks, but also putting them in proximity to the full-beam (40-foot) saloon.

Click to enlarge image - Megayacht Tango

76. Lone Ranger • 253'9"

Year Launched: 1973/1994
Builder: Schichau-Unterwesser, Germany
Naval Architect: Klaus Kusch (conversion)
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/4,400-hp Deutz-MWMs

For sale for $20 million, Lone Ranger is as rugged-looking today as when she served as a salvage tug. One of the first super-size expedition yachts, she has a full-beam saloon with big windows for taking in the views, ideal when exploring ice-laden waters. Warmer water is a good excuse for taking out her two 40-foot tenders. Then there’s the library for the owner’s exclusive use within the master suite. It’s the perfect place to pen memories of cruising around the world, since Lone Ranger can do it with ease. She’s visited Antarctica, the Balearic Islands, Cape Horn, Croatia, the Maldives, the Seychelles, and more.

77. Smeralda • 252'6"

Year Launched: 2012
Builder: Hanseatic Marine, Australia
Naval Architect: Espen Oeino
Hull Material: aluminum
Engines: 2/2,720-hp MTUs

Guido Krass, a German national who owns a variety of “green” businesses and the shipyard that built this yacht, just took delivery of Smeralda a few months ago. She’s his third Silver Series yacht, so-named because the first delivery was Silver (now Rabdan, no. 96), followed by Silver Zwei (now Dragonfly, no. 95). Like her predecessors, Smeralda is engineered for a good turn of speed, reportedly approaching 30 knots. Nearly the entire upper deck is devoted to the owner’s apartment, while three VIP staterooms are on the main deck. Twelve additional guests get housed in six staterooms below decks.

78. Samar • 252'6"

Year Launched: 2006
Builder: Devonport, England
Naval Architect: Laurent Giles Naval Architects
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/2,032-hp Wärtsiläs

Some yachts tote tenders, others a wide assortment of watertoys...both of which Samar also does, but even her 36-foot Chris-Craft Corsair is trumped by the presence of a Mini Cooper. Inside, the yacht is incredibly ornate, with murals, a circular master suite on the main deck, backlit china cupboards just forward of the 30-person dining room, and dozens of octagonal light recesses overhead in the saloon.

79. Lady Sarya • 250'4"

Year Launched: 1972/1974
Builder: Cantieri Navale Apuania, Italy
Naval Architect: Rinaldo Gastaldi
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/3,340-hp MTUs

One of the oldest (and oldest-looking) yachts on our list, Lady Sarya calls Greece home. You can’t mistake her, given twin exhaust stacks up top and a canoe stern. But you won’t see her tied up in remote ports of call in the South Pacific or the U.S.­—she’s rarely, if ever, ventured past the Med. 

80. Ocean Victory • 248'5"

Year Launched: 2009
Builder: Feadship/Royal De Vries, Holland
Naval Architect: De Voogt International
Hull Material: steel
Engines: 2/2,682-hp Caterpillars

A Russian buyer stepped up from a 156-footer built in Italy to this lovely lady. Depending on his mood, LEDs rimming her decks can be changed to various colors. Should the weather turn chilly, there’s a 12-person cinema aboard, plus a sauna, hamam/steam room, and massage room. Better yet, there’s additionally a contra-flow pool, up on the sundeck. No worries if the air is chilly: The pool’s water can crank from 68 to 100 degrees in half an hour.