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What Were We Thinking

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A Brief History of Power & Motoryacht

What Were We Thinking

Power & Motoryacht January 1987 cover

We’re good, but we we’re not perfect. Just take a look at some of our misses...

The Bat Boat
In 1994, Volvo Penta launched a very impressive-looking stepped V-bottom Mannerfelt 28. With wings on its sides, it was perhaps more of a plane than a boat, earning it the nickname “The Bat Boat.” Capt. Bill Pike tested her at full-throttle in Government Cut in Miami. “It was a bit dangerous—the thing would do a right righteous turn of speed,” Pike admits. “You certainly wouldn’t want to drive her full-tilt into a head wind.” For good reasons perhaps, the Bat Boat was scrapped about three years after our test.

Our January 1987 Cover ▶
Presented Without Comment

Going Commando
Nothing says taste and sophistication like having a life-sized, shirtless, anatomically correct, etched-glass Rambo in your boat’s saloon. To put it mildly, we’re not quite sure what Dee Robinson Interiors was going for with this ad in our February 1992 issue, No seriously, just what in the hell is going on here?

Rambo etching

Guilty as Charged
2008 saw the launch of the 115-foot yacht named Guilty. If it was charged with being gaudy and hard to love, then we think the name makes sense. Looking at this boat makes us feel like we are on drugs.

115-foot yacht named Guilty

This Looks Like Somebody’s Nightmare
A long-running Wellcraft ad from the ’80s boasted cutting-edge technologies like a microwave and a remote-control VCR. That’s all well and good, but the plush, shag carpet, royal-purple furniture, dangerously full glasses of what could only be merlot, and the sinister-looking cat, however, were ideal for an evil villain and God knows what else.

1988 Yacht interior