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What is the Brokerage Market for a Tiara 4100 Open?

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By Jason Y. Wood

We spoke to three brokers who each had a Tiara 4100 Open listed on, and each explained their understanding of the boat and its market. Here are some highlights:

Tiara 4100
Mark Mitchell, HMY Yachts

Mark Mitchell, HMY Yachts: “On the interior, Tiara uses a lot of high-quality materials. All of the woodwork is veneered with real wood and done the right way or it is real wood like their teak and holly flooring. If you go into the engine room, and I’m 6-foot-5, the engine-room accessibility is better height-wise and outboard-wise than a lot of boats.”

Craig Travis, Affiniti Yacht Brokerage

Craig Travis, Affiniti Yacht Brokerage: “In my personal opinion, the market for these types of boats is very soft right now. I don’t like to use the term turn-key, but [this Tiara] would frustrate the hell out of a good surveyor. Tiaras are always a very easy boat to sell—they essentially sell themselves. All you have to do is get the pricing right and market it correctly.”

Paul Zvonek, Temptation Yacht Sales

Paul Zvonek, Temptation Yacht Sales: “A lot of folks are just blown away with the amount of headroom—it’s got a real big-boat feel. That model specifically has rather generous side decks to move forward to aft. Our boat has never been fished … it’s been a cruising boat. When you look at other ones, they’ve been on the east coast and fished, and a boat takes on a whole different personality when it’s been used that way.”

For those interested in fishing, cruising, or both, the selling points of the Tiara 4100 Open back in the day were her excellent seakeeping and rock-solid stability. That hasn’t changed. And as the design has stood the test of time, many boaters hunting the used-boat market may find just what they’re after, and at a great price too. Learn more about it here.