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What is the Brokerage Market for the Mainship 430?

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By Jason Y. Wood

Mainship 430

We spoke to three brokers who each had a Mainship 430 listed on Here’s what they each had to say about the market for that model:

Curtis Stokes, Curtis Stokes and Associates,

Curtis Stokes

“A lot of people will call them beginner boats but I’m finding experienced boaters are buying them because they recognize that there is a lack of exterior maintenance. They enjoyed teak for years and now they say ‘OK, been there, done that.’ Mainships hold up over time from what I’ve seen, but they’re just a basic, easy-tounderstand boat, very popular for the Great Loop. That model has always been very popular, especially the two-stateroom layout where the galley is down so you get a really nice guest stateroom and the saloon feels bigger.”

Steve Pentz, United Yacht Sales,

Steve Pentz of United Yacht Sales

“The market somewhere has gotten a little depressed because a couple of these boats have found their way after charter use, and of course, those are boats that have very high hours and condition-wise need a lot of rehabbing and retrofitting, and they have sold for as little as $100,000 and in one or two instances even less. Unfortunately it taints the market a little because people see one of those for sale and assume they can buy that particular boat for half of what the reality is. And bringing a boat back today is a relatively large expenditure and it’s often open-ended, so it’s very hard to predict at the end of the day how much you’re going to spend.”

Sean O’Heron, HMY Yacht Sales,

Sean O’Heron

“Three main things have earned a lot of showings for this boat: For 43 feet, three staterooms are nice to have. It’s a galley-up, which is how today’s boater prefers it, being able to entertain and at the same time have access to their galley. And the master is in the aft of the boat, which tends to be a quieter, wider part of the boat and more comfortable for the owners to sleep in. No matter what manufacturer, whether it’s this one or any others, when you have over ten years on a hull and over ten years on an engine you really want to have that open-eyed look—see, smell, use everything that can help you out.”

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