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What Is the Brokerage Market for the Lazzara 76?

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Lazzara 76

We spoke to three brokers who each had a Lazzara 76 listed online, and they each had plenty to offer about buying and selling these boats in today’s market.

by Jason Y. Wood

Jeff Stanley, Gilman Yachts;
“The Lazzara 76 offers series engineering, spaciousness, and relative simplicity. They are a fairly simple boat as far as their systems. Fifty percent of my clients who own them are owner-operators. It’s a big boat but it’s a relatively simple boat, and if you buy the boat with a skylounge, like this one, you’ve got just one helm (for simplicity), plus whatever remotes you might have. Almost all the technical equipment is in the engine room, it’s not spread throughout the boat. They were ahead of their time when they built this boat. They were on the forefront of a lot of different technology, including the ISIS vessel-management system. It’s been a successful system. When they get to 12 years old, yes, there might be an update, but I’ve never seen a boat where anybody’s abandoned the system. It’s a boat that is a really good blend of speed and, at this age, value, because they’re now pretty much right around a million dollars for a 1998 to a 2002.”

Brian Nopper, HMY Yachts;
“This Lazzara 76 is the walkaround model. It’s got the lower station and it’s got low hours. Those three things right there make this a pretty attractive boat. They built a few different models and the way they kind of mixed them up was enclosed bridge, then walkaround, and the lower helm stations, so to get all those three items together makes it a little bit rare. For fit and finish, it’s an American-made boat, made over in the Tampa area. Its volume is great, and it’s a very functional boat, with five staterooms and six heads, including a dayhead. The VIP staterooms are almost like those of a 100-foot Broward. They’re fairly good size, they have their own heads, and they’re technically identical. The crew’s quarters are forward, but that’s not a negative because when the crew is happy, everyone’s happy. And that way, it’s also great for charter.”

Talbot Freeman, Talbot Freeman & Associates;
“The 76 Lazzara was the iconic model that helped build the company. The 76, along with the 80, the cockpit version, turned out to be the most successful boat that they ever built. And I have many clients today that comment to me that if only they would go back to offering those boats again. And you keep seeing them coming back on the market and holding strong values, especially if they’re refit like the one that we have sold a couple of times. That boat has always been maintained and upgraded as needed, and consistently it creates a great value in the market for someone. Back when they came out with those boats, the idea was to make a boat that was family friendly, needed limited crew, had limited maintenance required, and was attuned to exactly what the typical American boat buyer was looking for—not so over-the-top flash. And those boats are really becoming popular again because of the way they were put together—not too flashy. The Lazzaras were mostly padded-panel walls with a minimal amount of wood—again, designed for lower maintenance.”

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