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Try a Little Detail Juice

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Margarita Xistris has found a soul mate in the Big Kahuna of Florida car detailers, Garry Dean, who shares her eco-minded philosophy and backs it up with a line of specially formulated, earth-friendly products. Unlike some companies, Dean’s enterprise ( uses different formulas for his auto and marine products, each specially developed just for him by a chemist friend. Most are formulated for more than one purpose: His Infinite Use Detail Juice, for example, can be used to dress the tires on your car, or serve as a waterless wash, with about a dozen more uses in between. Margarita employs it to wash boats on moorings, and says she can wash her car with it and use less than a gallon of water. When I spoke with him in mid-July, Dean was awaiting the labels for his new marine line, five ecologically safe products that will care for gelcoat from A to Z. By now they should be on his Web site, or look for his videos on YouTube. He says he’s uploaded more than 160. Margarita swears by Dean’s products, and based on the results she gets with them, you might want to have a look for yourself.