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This Time Of Year

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This time of year it's very nice to remember how it was last summer. The photo above shows Betty Jane parked at a waterside eatery in Florida's Great Northwest. Just in case you don't recognize the spot I'll give you a couple of hints. First, the folks at this particular establishment serve some superb Buffalo-style gator tail! And second, the depth of water at the dock to which Betty' is loosely tethered is about 80 freakin' feet, at least by my trusty depthsounder (which was just recently rehabbed by DMI Marine of Cape Cod, Massachusetts).

Anyway, to revisit the subject at hand...

With temperatures dipping into the teens here in northern Florida at present I get a real kick out of looking at pictures showing sunnier, warmer days. I hope you do too. With any luck there'll be lots more fun and sun for us all to enjoy during this upcoming year.

My current personal fantasy? Travel as far south on the St. Johns River as Betty's three-foot-six-inch draft will let her go, takin' pictures all the way. Now there's a worthy goal for a venerable old guy and his venerable old boat, eh!

Happy Holidays Everybody!