The Pursuit OS 325 and Tiara 50 Flybridge Attract a Crowd

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S2 Yachts showcased two different new launches, the Pursuit OS 325 and the Tiara 50 Flybridge, at the Ft. Lauderdale show. The 50 Flybridge made her debut to the press back in August near Tiara’s factory in Michigan, but that didn’t stop the press from coming out in droves to see this design-forward cruiser with a pleasingly large flying bridge—the main distinguishing detail between her and her popular sistership the 50 Coupe.

Christening the Pursuit OS 325

The OS 325 is a rough and ready fishing boat (the OS stands for offshore) with masculine lines and just about everything you could want on a boat to go out and chase the big ones, without being overly large herself.

Date: 10/30
Dock: C Dock

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