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Thoughts From Arnie

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A Brief History of Power & Motoryacht

Arnie Hammerman

Thoughts From Arnie

Power & Motoryacht’s Publisher recounts a tale from the past.

By Arnie Hammerman

One summer my wife Green and I joined Richard Thiel and a lady friend of his for a cruise in Long Island Sound. We wound up in Shelter Bay and heard there was a great restaurant there so we reserved a mooring  We called on the VHF asking if they had launch service since we had only a small inflatable with no motor on it as our tender. When we arrived and called to get picked up for our dinner reservation they said they had no “launch service” and that maybe the person had said “lunch service.” We were already dressed up for dinner so we figured no big deal. We piled into the dinghy and rowed ashore.  

At dinner the wind began to pick up steadily along with rain and some spectacular lightning.  Knowing we had to row back, we skipped dessert and headed to the dinghy. The wind was howling and small waves were rolling in as we began to row back directly into the wind. We had cleared the shallows and were making reasonable way when Pop! the oar lock broke and we blew rapidly back to where we had started.  We perched the girls in the back and Richard and I began to paddle canoe-style each with an oar on either side of the bow. Every time we seemed to be making some way a wave pushed us back. We pulled mightily, straining against the current while the girls sat in the back idly chatting. Eventually we got close to the boat and we were spent. As we approached the swim platform, the boat sailed on the mooring and went shooting off out of reach. We paddled harder and then it would shoot across again just out of our grasp in the other direction. This went on for what seemed like an eternity until, with a final set of heart-pounding strokes, Richard grabbed the boat.

We climbed out and were literally lying on the deck panting and laughing as the girls went inside to make a cocktail and continue their conversation. The dinner might have been good but the adventure and the humor of the situation is what I remember. Twenty years working at Power & Motoryacht has been much the same way. It’s a great job, with a great bunch of people, and the adventure continues!

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