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The Boat and the Trip

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Advice for a Family Bareboat Charter — The Boat and the Trip

By Chris Caswell
Photography by George Sass Jr.

For several reasons, I’m partial to catamarans when it comes to chartering with kids. Cats have more room inside for playing, they’re more stable, and kids love the wide-open foredeck. With catamarans, there are lots of places for kids to curl up for an afternoon nap, too.

When planning your charter, try to break the distances into small chunks to keep the kids from getting bored. A four-hour passage between two harbors can benefit from a short beach stop that creates two two-hour trips and lets them unleash pent-up energy. 

Moorings catamaran

Remember that kids are alert to the world around them. If you yell or shout while anchoring or docking, they’ll be scared because you are supposed to know how to handle everything. So keep your voice down, act calmly even when in crisis, and be enthusiastic. They’ll follow your example.