The first mistake you can make is to place less importance on a tender choice than any other boat—after all, it does the same thing, just in different circumstances.

Rendova Boats stepped onto the scene this year with a line of innovative tenders. A drop-down boarding door in the bow changes beach landings forever, while carbon-fiber helm consoles, ergonomic backrests, and customizable color schemes mean you’re turning heads in any harbor. 

Rendova XT 15

Novurania’s Chase 19, the smallest of the series, features a slick hinged control console that lowers to reduce the vessel’s vertical clearance to a mere 3 feet, 10 inches, allowing for easier stowage onboard. 

Williams tender

Williams Performance Tenders bring the maneuverability and safety of jet power. Check out various turbojet and Dieseljet models, including the Dieseljet 565.

The newest inflatable from BRIG, the E580 is loaded with features, including an external freshwater shower, cushions in the bow that can convert to a dining table, and an available bimini top. Almost feels wrong to call it a dinghy—stick with “my other boat.”