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Survey Report

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We spoke to Malcolm Elliott of Florida Nautical Surveyors, and here’s what he had to say about the Hatteras 54 Motoryacht:

  • “Walk around and just feel what the decks feel like, make sure there’s no sponginess.” 
  • “The sliding windows are aluminum frames and they get badly corroded, look closely at the tracks and the seals at the bottom, and also the wood below the windows. Make sure there aren’t any bad leaks coming down into the boat.”
  • “Hatteras used a lot of caulking on the exterior of the vessel. You just want to make sure that all the caulking is very good.”
  • “Look at the underside of the hardtop and look pretty carefully at the lights and the stereo speakers [in the overhead] and make sure there are no water stains. We refer to them as coke stains. When you get water coming in from your dinghy chocks or handrails in your hardtop, it’s leaking in. The hardtop has wood strengthening, and the water gets into the wood and leaches out of the hardtop at the lights, that’s where you get the brown stains.”
  • “Have a look in the chain locker and make sure the fiberglass tabbing is in good condition.”

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