Shaft Seal Maintenance - Step 3


Maintaining Dripless Shaft Seals

Story and photography by Capt. Vincent Daniello

Shaft Seal Maintenance - Step 3

Pry the old seal out with a small screwdriver, being careful not to mar the housing. Some water will flow into the boat. It may seem like a lot, but your bilge pumps should handle it, so take your time.

Cut the old seal off the shaft with wire cutters. Slide the new seal in place, being careful not to damage its thin rubber edge. (If you’re sliding the seal down the entire length of the shaft, use the red protective bushing supplied.) Press the seal evenly into the housing using the split washer (which you’ve put back on the shaft) and the face cap. Now the water will stop. Tighten the screws in the face cap evenly, in a star pattern, to press the seal home. That’s it; you’re done! But make sure to replace the spare seal soon.