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Sounds of the Season

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Here are some songs to listen to while enjoying our June issue, or enjoying an afternoon on the water. Either or.


Panama – Van Halen 
This little isthmus has a canal, beaches, fishing, and the honor of being the title of one of (dare we say it) Van Halen’s greatest tunes. And that’s not all. Read about all that Panama has to offer in “Panama Rising."

Fishin’ Blues — Taje Mahal
Forget your worries and get after the fish with this classic tune from a blues legend. If fishing is your bag, don’t miss our Best of Sportfishing section.

Message in a Bottle — The Police
Listening to Sting sing about sending out an S.O.S. doesn’t make it sound so bad. Reading about a teenager in a fishing boat frantically doing it before he’s swept out to sea? Well, read this month's After Word and find out.

Ride of the Valkyries— Wagner
It pumped up Robert Duvall’s troops in Apocalypse Now and it’s sure to pump up your team as you cruise out to the battle … errr … fishing grounds onboard the new Viking 42 ST. What’s that? You don’t know about the new Viking 42 ST? Well then, read “Small Wonder."

Orion – Metallica If you’re looking to put the fish in a trance with 8 minutes and 27 seconds of ass-kicking guitar riffs, power chords, and pounding bass guitar, look no further. And if you’re looking to do all this onboard an 84-foot custom sportfish (aptly named Orion) you might want to read “A Fine, Southern Custom.