Advice for a Family Bareboat Charter — Snorkeling

By Chris Caswell
Photography by George Sass Jr.

Snorkeling is a great part of bareboating, but let the kids try it out first in the shallow water on a beach. Not only does it feel more secure when they can put their feet down, but it’s a lot easier to adjust masks and flippers in shallow water.  

Most charter companies offer masks, snorkels, and fins with their charter packages, but my experience is that children’s sizes are pretty slim pickin’s. Buy these at home so you know they fit, and take them with you. They don’t add any significant weight to your bags.

Kids need sun protection in the water, too, so take some rash guards (make sure they are UPF rated) to protect their backs. Since they’re certain to explore the beaches and reefs, have reef-runner slip-on shoes, too.