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Shark Feeding Frenzy 50 Yards off the New Jersey Shore

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Hey enjoy that video next time you’re having a day at the beach! There you are on the hot sand in Manasquan or LBI. The sun is blazing and the water looks so cool and inviting. So you go dip in your toes, then edge out to your knees, and now you’re so far in that you HAVE to put your head under. So you dive headfirst into a wave and it’s ssooo refreshing and thenallofthesuddenBAM! Shark feeding frenzy. Sorry bub, you’re dead. Should have stayed on shore with the alive people.

I know these are only spinner sharks and they’re not supposed to be dangerous, but still, those are big freaking sharks, they are rreeaalllyyyy close to shore, and they are feeding with passionate intensity. I’m positive you’d get chomped out there right quick.

That’s last week at Island Beach State Park by the way, just south of tourist mecca Seaside Heights. I’ve been swimming there before, probably EXACTLY there as a kid. I don’t know what my parents were thinking. Obviously they didn’t have Youtube back then or else they would have known they were turning their only son into bait.

Or maybe they did know? I’m gonna go call my mom.

P.S.  I’m the first blogger in the history of the Internet to reference Seaside Heights, New Jersey, without mentioning Snooki or The Situation. Congratulations Kevin, you’re not a hack.