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Share and Share Alike

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One of the little rankles of being in a financial position to enjoy a boat like this Benetti Delfino is that you need to work pretty hard to stay in that position. Thus, while money is at a surplus, time, often, is not. Boaters who find themselves in this scenario oftentimes resort to chartering—an activity that lets you enjoy a cruise, but may not quite have the cachet and sense of luxury that comes with owning a yacht.

Recognizing this dilemma, California-based SeaNet came up with a solution: in effect, a yacht share. Boaters can purchase a slice of ownership in a boat, and use it a certain percentage of the year. SeaNet has been employing this business model for ten years with boats 60 to 80 feet long. However, now they have stepped up their game, and have partnered with Benetti to build four Delfino 93s. The fully crewed boats will be kept in the Med, Caribbean, East Coast, and West Coast, respectively. Shares of the boats will be available to up to four different people, and they can use any of the four boats in the fleet that they please. The company makes sure the yachts are completely turnkey, acting as both a yacht-management company and a concierge. What’s more, their partnership with Benetti ensures that mechanical service is no problem. SeaNet may very well be the solution for the yachtsman who finds himself harried by the constant tussle between time and money. — Kevin Koenig

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