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Ah Seattle…For A Whole Week

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Arnie Hammerman

What better way to crank up an entire week in Seattle testing boats that to take a boat ride with my friend and Power & Motoryacht Publisher Arnie Hammerman and his sons, Avery (left) and Hadyn (right). Arnie upgraded to a brand new (or almost new actually) 26-footer from Cutwater, a Pacific Northwest builder, and he was quite excited to show her off.

The above photo shows Capt. Hammerman and his two mates doing a cruise speed of 13-plus knots, while pushing just 7.6 gph through the single 180-hp Yanmar diesel (subsequent 26s, by the way, will have larger engines and more speed).

Arnie Hammerman

Still and all, not bad, eh? The boys, Arnie's wife "Green," and I spent the earlier part of yesterday (Sunday) afternoon removing old stuff (possibly enough to energize a small but robust marinized garage sale) from their old boat and laying it out on a tarp in the garage in preparation for sorting and culling. Only the best of the best will make it aboard the new Cuwater.

The boat ride was the pay off for all the hard effort, of course. Not only for yours truly but for Trixie, the Hammerman's very boaty Cascadian Couchhound, who laid on the cabin sole throughout our salty rambles. There's an engine-driven heating system onboard and the vent for same is close to ground level. Perhaps that accounts for Trixie's choice of location. Green had a social function and wasn't able to attend the festivities unfortunately.

Arnie Hammerman's dog

Now here it is Monday morning and I'm drinking some of Seattle's best coffee. It's a tad nippy for us Floridians. But the schedule for today is interesting—it calls for checking out a big Maritimo 58 (and her owners) this morning and a Riviera 50 with a high-wide-and-handsome enclosed bridge this afternoon. Here's to boats and boat rides!