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Roll Play

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Seakeeper graph

I recently got onboard the new Weaver 80 off of Palm Beach. She’s a really cool, fully custom boat that we’ll do a full review on in a future issue of Power & Motoryacht, but for now I want to share an image with you I got from a Seakeeper rep who was also onboard running some tests. The boat has two Seakeeper gyro stabilizers in her engine room—and to be blunt, they work.

The ocean that day was a sloppy, windy mess of white-capped 4-foot swells. Holding position in those seas, particularly up on the flying bridge, it was a two-hands-for-the-boat-type situation. But once those stabilizers kicked in, it feels like the boat literally grabs on to the ocean. The diminishment in rock is real and palpable, and turned what might otherwise have been a relatively uncomfortable excursion into a fine day on the water.

Seakeeper sent me the graph on the right, which was produced during our test. The blue represents the degree of roll with the Seakeepers disengaged. The red is with them on. Any questions?