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Waterfront Quiz Questions & Answers

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August 2012

  1. Seamanship & Safety
    Q. What causes “deviation” errors on compass readings?
    A. Onboard equipment, including any ferrous materials and electronic devices.
  2. Rules & Regulations
    Q. How far offshore must you be before bringing your boat up on plane?
    A. At least 100 feet, though it varies by state.
  3. Navigation
    Q. What does “PA” stand for next to some navigational aids on a nautical chart?
    A. Position approximate

July 2012

  1. Geography
    Q. Which state has more coastline: Florida or California?
    A. Florida
  2. History
    Q. The Stars and Stripes first flew aboard the naval ship Ranger on July 4, 1777. Who was the captain?
    A. John Paul Jones
  3. Yacht Culture
    Q. What antique steamboat, made famous in a Humphrey Bogart film, was recently restored by a Florida couple?
    A.The African Queen