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Pulling Propellers - PHOTO 4

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Finally, remove the prop, clean up the grinding paste, and check that the shaft key slides freely all the way through the propeller keyway. If it doesn’t, file the inside of the keyway until it does. As the prop slides on the shaft, ensure that the key fits as it should or you risk cracking a shaft with a “keybound” prop. 

To seat the prop tightly onto the shaft with the PropSmith, slide one plate against the propeller, and then thread the other plate all the way onto the shaft. Tightening the jacking bolts presses the prop onto the shaft. But one more warning here—PropSmith suggests a maximum torque for each jacking bolt—a 3-inch-shaft model, for example, is marked for 34 foot-pounds, which will create 36,000 pounds of force against the propeller hub. Assuming all fits well, you should use far less force than that or risk not being able to remove the prop later.

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