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Automate Your Trim Tabs - Photo 4

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Operation couldn’t be simpler. Manually adjust the tabs until the boat is trimmed properly, and then press and hold two buttons on the auto tab control panel. (Once set, it retains this position but can be reprogrammed any time by holding those two buttons down again.) The system automatically works the tabs to maintain this attitude. Turn it off or press a manual rocker switch and it disengages. 

Automate Your Trim Tabs - Photo 4

The system offers one more benefit: The tabs retract whenever engines turn off, keeping barnacle growth from jamming the moving parts of the actuators.

After installation, our auto tab control kept our Contender 35 at its best running angle. Before the installation, the boat’s narrow beam, deep-V hull, and fishing tower made it lean quite noticeably. Now she stays level automatically.