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Malibu Blues

You can file this one under: What the what???!

According the New York Post, noted yachtsman and owner of the 414-foot megayacht Octopus, Paul Allen, recently sold his $28 million Malibu beachfront mansion to CBS president and CEO Les Moonves because he “hated the sound of the ocean.”

Yes you read that correctly.

Most people work their whole lives to acquire waterfront property. Allen seems to be attempting to flip the script though, by implying that true luxury lays inland. An odd decision for sure for one of the world’s foremost megayacht owners. But with a net worth bordering on $16 billion, the man has certainly made some good decisions in his day. However it’s hard for us not to raise an eyebrow at this one.

Megayacht Octopus - Photo by Getallinfo