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Boat Refit Tips: Paint

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Paint: Ah, now here’s one that can lead to more than a few of the “might-as-wells.” A straightforward paint job for one sportfisher owner slid into an exterior makeover with corroded aluminum window frames being replaced with fiberglass frames and new glass, hull ports removed, windshield frames and mullions replaced with solid fiberglass, and clunky engine air vents replaced with sleeker modern grills.  

Rustoleum engine enamel

On another yacht, the owner watched as the crew prepped his sportfisher for paint and realized he could get the “Palm Beach” look by removing the forward rails, removing the bow sprit, and replacing much of the cabin hardware. It was, needless to say, a bit more than just a paint job.

Capt. Bill’s Tip: Ever consider painting your engine(s) to improve appearance and facilitate spotting leaks? Call your engine manufacturer—he’ll tell you what paint to use. Spray cans work best, after taping off hoses, etc., of course. I use an amiably priced high-temperature product from Rust-Oleum for touchups on Betty Jane’s diesel. $10;