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The World’s 100 Largest Yachts: 2013 - page 3

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The PMY 100: 2013


The PMY 100: 2013

Latest additions in red

  1. Azzam—Length: 590'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  2. Eclipse—Length: 534'8" 
    Builder: Blohm + Voss Shipyard
  3. Dubai—Length: 531'5" 
    Builder: Platinum Yachts
  4. Al Said—Length: 508'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  5. Prince Abdulaziz—Length: 482'3"
    Builder: Helsingor Vaerft
  6. Topaz—Length: 482'3" 
    Builder: Lürssen 
  7. El Horriya—Length: 478'1" 
    Builder: Samuda Bros.
  8. Yas—Length: 462'6" 
    Builder: ADMShipyards
  9. Al Salamah—Length: 456'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  10. Rising Sun—Length: 454'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  11. Swift 135—Length: 442'10" 
    Builder: ADMShipyards
  12. Serene—Length: 439'6" 
    Builder: Fincantieri Yachts
  13. Al Mirqab—Length: 436'4" 
    Builder: Peters Schiffbau
  14. Octopus—Length: 414'0" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  15. Privilege One—Length: 413'4"
    Builder: Privilege Yacht
  16. Katara—Length: 408'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  17. Alexander—Length: 400'0" 
    Builder: Lebecker Flender Werke
  18. A—Length: 390'4" 
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  19. Turama—Length: 381'9" 
    Builder: Rauma
  20. Atlantis II—Length: 379'10" 
    Builder: Hellenic Shipyards
  21. Issham Al Baher—Length: 379'8"
    Builder: Hellenic Shipyards
  22. Pelorus—Length: 377'3" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  23. Luna—Length: 377'3" 
    Builder: Lloyd Werft
  24. Le Grand Bleu—Length: 370'0"
    Builder: Bremer Vulkan
  25. Dilbar—Length: 360'9" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  26. Radiant—Length: 360'9" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  27. Lady Moura—Length: 343'10"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  28. Loaloat Al Behar—Length: 340'7"
    Builder: Picchiotti
  29. Attessa IV—Length: 328'1" 
    Builder: Evergreen Shipyard
  30. Christina O—Length: 325'0"
    Builder: Canadian Vickers
  31. Madame GU—Length: 324'8"
    Builder: Feadship
  32. Carinthia VII—Length: 318'9"
    Builder: Lürssen 
  33. Limitless—Length: 315'8" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  34. Palladium—Length: 314'10" 
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  35. Vava II— Length: 314'10" 
    Builder: Devonport Yachts
  36. Indian Empress—Length: 311'7"
    Builder: Oceanco
  37. Tatoosh—Length: 303'2" 
    Builder: Nobiskrug
  38. Mayan Queen IV—Length: 301'8"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  39. Y709—Length: 300'2"
    Builder: Oceanco
  40. Nahlin—Length: 300'0" 
    Builder: John Brown & Company 
  41. Dubawi—Length: 297'2"
    Builder: Cantiere Navale Ferrari 
  42. Nero—Length: 295'6" 
    Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard
  43. Ice—Length: 295'6" 
    Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard
  44. Lauren L—Length: 295'3" 
    Builder: Cassens-Werft
  45. Nirvana—Length: 290'4" 
    Builder: Oceanco
  46. Asean Lady—Length: 289'2"
    Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard
  47. Quattroelle—Length: 288'7"
    Builder: Lürssen
  48. Musashi—Length: 287'10"
    Builder: Feadship
  49. Fountainhead—Length: 287'10"
    Builder: Feadship
  50. Arctic P—Length: 287'3" 
    Builder: Schichau Unterwesser
  51. Phoenix 2—Length: 286'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  52. Ace—Length: 285'4" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  53. Ecstasea—Length: 282'1"
    Builder: Feadship
  54. Kingdom 5KR—Length: 282'1"
    Builder: Benetti 
  55. Seven Seas—Length: 281'10"
    Builder: Oceanco
  56. Cakewalk—Length: 280'8"
    Builder: Derecktor
  57. St. Princess Olga— Length: 280'8"
    Builder: Oceanco
  58. Sunrays—Length: 280'5" 
    Builder: Oceanco
  59. Vibrant Curiosity—Length: 280'4"
    Builder: Oceanco
  60. Z—Length: 279'8" 
    Builder: Marco Yachts
  61. Moonlight II—Length: 279'8"
    Builder: Nerion Syros Shipyards 
  62. Delma—Length: 279'8" 
    Builder: Nerion Syros Shipyards
  63. Pacific—Length: 279'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  64. Solandge—Length: 279'2" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  65. Valerie—Length: 275'6" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  66. O’Mega—Length: 271'1"
    Builder: Mistubishi Heavy Industries
  67. Secret—Length: 270'0" 
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
  68. Sarafsa—Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Devonport Yachts 
  69. Ocean Breeze—Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Helsingor Vaerft
  70. Graceful—Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  71. Alfa Nero— Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Oceanco
  72. Air—Length: 265'7" 
    Builder: Feadship
  73. Bart Roberts—Length: 264'10"
    Builder: Canadian Vickers
  74. Norge—Length: 263'3"
    Builder: Camper & Nicholsons
  75. Golden Odyssey—Length: 262'10"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  76. Constellation—Length: 262'5"
    Builder: Oceanco
  77. Stargate—Length: 262'5"
    Builder: Oceanco
  78. Chopi Chopi—Length: 262'5"
    Builder: CRN
  79. Amevi— Length: 262"5" 
    Builder: Oceanco
  80. Talitha G—Length: 261'10"
    Builder: Krupp Germaniawerft
  81. Dubai Shadow—Length: 259'2"
    Builder: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  82. Al Diriyah—Length: 258'0"
    Builder: National Bulk Carriers 
  83. Pegasus V—Length: 257'9"
    Builder: Royal Denship
  84. Delphine—Length: 257'5"
    Builder: Great Lakes Engineering Works
  85. Hampshire II—Length: 257'5"
    Builder: Feadship 
  86. TV—Length: 257'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  87. Tueq—Length: 257'4"
    Builder: GNS Shipyard
  88. Eminence—Length: 257'3"
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
  89. Amaryllis—Length: 257'3"
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 
  90. Dannebrog—Length: 257'3"
    Builder: Danish Royal Dockyard
  91. Titan—Length: 257'3" 
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 
  92. C2—Length: 257'3" 
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 
  93. Venus—Length: 256'6" 
    Builder: Feadship
  94. Montkaj—Length: 256'0"
    Builder: Amels
  95. Lone Ranger—Length: 255'0"
    Builder: Schichau-Unterwesser
  96. Tango—Length: 254'9" 
    Builder: Feadship
  97. Sea Stallion—Length: 252'6"
    Builder: Hanseatic Marin
  98. Samar—Length: 252'2"
    Builder: Devonport Yachts
  99. Lady Sarya—Length: 250'4"
    Builder: Cantieri Navale Apuania
  100. Ocean Victory—Length: 248'5"
    Builder: Feadship


47. Quattroelle

Okay, thanks to a youth gladly misspent working on ships, I can briefly interpret this engine room for you. What you are basically looking at here is two giant, 32-kW Caterpillar diesels, one to port and the other to starboard, with gensets (in soundboxes located atop what looks like sound-and-vibration-reducing elastomeric mounts) immediately beyond each. These are pretty big gensets, by the way, no doubt scaled to the task of supplying power to the vessel’s zero-speed stabilization system. As to the stainless stairway from the engine-room door on the upper deck and the operating-room-like cleanliness of the place? Rather unfamiliar, to me at least. — Capt. Bill Pike

Megayacht Quattroelle - photo: Klaus Jordan
Megayacht Quattroelle engine room - photo: Klaus Jordan

48. Musashi

Musashi’s sistership belongs to the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban. He named her Fountainhead, because of course he did. In 1982 at age 23 Cuban started his career as a bartender. By 1999 he sold his company, for $5.9 billion to Yahoo!, so what’s your excuse? — Kevin Koenig

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56. Cakewalk

By all reports, this yacht sports a serious collection of custom-made tenders including a Vikal Limo, an outboard-powered Intrepid 350 Open, and an AquaRiva Cento. The last vessel is arguably the most spectacular of the lot, at least for those of us who revere the old, Brigitte Bardot days. While introduced only a few years ago, the Cento celebrates the cinematic nostalgias of yesteryear. She even comes with a “Waterski Package” that stows sweetly onboard. Yup, truly a yacht’s yacht. — Capt. Bill Pike

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64. Solandge

Megayacht Solandge  - photo: Klaus Jordan

66. O’Mega

O’Mega is a charter yacht that has capacity for 30 guests and 28 crew members. Hypothetically that means she could house every member of the Green Bay Packers, every member of The Rolling Stones, and you. Weird party.— Kevin Koenig

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67. Secret

Secret’s exterior design was completed by Sam Sorgiovanni Designs. Sorgiovanni fills us in on some of his own secrets. — Jason Y. Wood

Secret: 270'0" - photo: Claus Schaefe

“As a designer, the thought of conceiving anything for your own personal use presents the biggest challenge, as every designer is most critical of his or her own work. However it’s a perfect opportunity to express a personal preference in terms of style. For me, it’s important that such an expression of one’s taste possesses particular qualities, such as:”

  • “A timeless elegance, by this I mean a design which transcends styles and periods that is in its own right a classic.”
  • “The design must be a finite balance between tradition and innovation.”“A liberal use of timber and other traditional materials such as generous caprails topping bulwarks, and timber handrails, combined with polished stainless steel. Planked-timber feature elements such as a transom inspired by classic timber commuter boats.”
  • “It must have style and presence that reflects the romance and tradition of yachting, a classic and timeless interpretation but with the innovation and freshness of a new form. Inside and out it’s the sophistication, elegance and sensitivity to form and function that makes my ‘ideal boat.’”

68. Alfa Nero

Alfa Nero has one of the largest onboard pools in the world. At 23 feet by 12 feet 6 inches, it could house a Humvee with plenty of room to spare. — Kevin Koenig

Megayacht Alfa Nero - gym

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76. Chopi Chopi

Chopi Chopi builder CRN is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Here’s a brief history lesson.

Chopi Chopi: 262'5"- photo Maurizio Paradisi

1963 ‘Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali’ was founded by Sanzio Nicolini in Ancona in 1963, producing hulls in steel at a time when wood was still the preferred construction material.
1970 Nicolini met Carlo Riva, founder of the Sarnico shipyard, and together the team built eight boats, one of which became Riva’s personal yacht.
1978 CRN launched Fath Al Khair (at 155 feet, the first launch for CRN longer than 150 feet), for the Emir of Qatar, Al-Thani.
1983 CRN delivers the innovative F100 to a passionate owner: Gianni Agnelli, head of Fiat.
1988 Delivered the 154-foot Azzurra.
1999 CRN shipyard purchased by the Ferretti Group.
2013 Launched Chopi Chopi at 262 feet 5 inches. — Jason Y. Wood

84. Delphine

Delphine was commissioned by Horace Dodge, cofounder of automaker Dodge, in 1921 for $2,000,000. That’s bargain-basement pricing! (Nah, not really, that’s about $26,000,000 today.) Since then she has caught fire, run aground, served in World War II, and is currently owned by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. — Kevin Koenig

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93. Venus

By now the world knows that the late Steve Jobs commissioned Venus and died before her completion, as revealed in his biography and verified by designer Philippe Starck. “It’s a naked boat,” Henk de Vries of Feadship told Bloomberg News. It is removing everything that is considered unnecessary, and bringing the boat down to the bare essentials.” — Diane M. Byrne

Megayacht Venus

94. Montkaj

Montkaj sports interiors designed by Terence Disdale Designs of London. We asked Disdale about his megayacht work: “We are proud to have so many projects in the top 100,”  he said in a statement. “This includes work on six vessels above 90 meters and three above 140 meters, culminating in motoryacht Eclipse at 163 meters on which we prepared the total aesthetic design story over a four-year period.” The firm contributed work on: 2. Eclipse, 5. Topaz, 9. Al Salamah, 22. Pelorus, 25. Radiant, 37. Tatoosh, 38. Mayan Queen IV, 42. Ice, 53. Ecstasea, 58. Sunrays, 94. Montkaj— Jason Y. Wood

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95. Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger reportedly has a range of 31,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. That’s far enough to sail back and forth between San Francisco and Tokyo seven times without refueling.  — Kevin Koenig

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