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On the Move

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For the cruiser who has always wanted to ply the waters of a far-flung locale but doesn’t have the time or the means to get a boat across an ocean on its own bottom, there is an exciting new partnership you might want to look into. DYT Yacht Transport (formerly known to most boaters as Dockwise) has recently partnered with Sevenstar Yacht Transport to provide transport for vessels all around the world. While the two companies will maintain their separate identities, they will now work together to provide either float-off/float-on or lift-off/lift-on yacht transport service over their vast 120-ship fleet. “A charter boat owner has to be in the Caribbean or the Med by a certain date and back to the U.S. by another; a game fishing enthusiast who needs to be at a tournament in Costa Rica; a cruising couple wants to start a ’round-the-world adventure in the South Pacific—every situation for every yacht owner is different,” said Richard Klabbers, Sevenstar’s managing director. “Whatever the need and no matter which of our offices or agents they call, they will be expertly advised on the best way to safely transport their yacht.” For more information on DYT and Sevenstar and to start planning your next trip to those far-flung waters you’ve always wanted to cruise, visit or  

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