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In Case You Keep Your Old Rocker Switches

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On our Contender 35, the old rocker switch had just two sets of wires. Had we opted to stick with this old switch for our auto tab control install, one set would have gone down to the control unit (previously all the way to the hydraulic pump). And of course, we’d have left the second set leading up to the second old-fashioned rocker switch at the helm on the fishing tower as is. The newest rocker switches from Bennett, by the way, have a trick feature that’s likely to improve dockside boathandling aesthetics and give you one less thing to worry about when leaving your boat for the weekend. When you turn the ignition key off, the switch automatically retracts your tabs. This saves you from clutzing around the next time you take the boat out­—nothing like trying to maneuver with one tab up and the other down.