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Where to Cruise: Ocean City, Maryland

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Ocean City, Maryland

38°20'N, 075°05'W

Sure, you know Ocean City for its miles of beaches, a boardwalk that reeks of old-school Americana, and, of course, as the White Marlin Capital of the World. But did you know that Ocean City has a secret? Or rather, Seacrets. Seacrets is a waterfront bar on the Assowoman Bay that’s unlike any I’ve ever been to. (It’s also somehow not a strip club, which, with a name like that, is sort of mindblowing.) Eighteen separate bars coexist at the—compound?—I don’t really know what to call it. But for a crew with a certain mindset, this pleasantly seedy watering hole is just what the doctor ordered. The establishment is also accessible by water. Anchor your boat just outside the channel during the summer months and call the below number to hail a launch. Fair warning: Be prepared to party.

Seacrets, 410-524-4900;

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