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New Jersey Police Searching for Champion Power Boater Believed to Have Faked His Own Death

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According to the Philadelphia Enquirer New Jersey law enforcement officials are searching for Andrew Biddle, a champion powerboat racer and world-record holder who is believed to have faked his own drowning after a pontoon boat accident on July 20th off of Longport, a few miles from Atlantic City.

One man, 23-year-old Justin Belz, also a racer, swam to shore from the wreckage. Biddle has not been seen since, despite an extensive Coast Guard search. Egg Harbor police are "proceeding with the investigation as [they] would if [Biddle] hadn't been reported missing," detective Ray Theriault has said.

A speedboat runs at wide-open throttle.

The Enquirer has postulated that Biddle may be trying to escape responsibility for numerous alleged offenses, mostly stemming from his ownership of Egg Harbor-based company Professional Boat Sales. The Enquirer article notes that Biddle’s business partner in that venture, Tracy Blumenstein “was arrested in February at the Atlantic City Boat Show, following a months-long investigation into the alleged ‘fraudulent sale of a boat, and charged with issuing bad checks totaling $33,000.”