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New Digs in an Old Locale

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Pay a visit to the Galápagos Islands and you’re immediately greeted by a combination of geography, waters, and wildlife unlike anywhere else in the world. But it’s not easy to stay overnight on this volcanic archipelago. Enter scientist and marine artist Guy Harvey and the newest locations for not one, but two Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts. The Iguana Crossing (shown below), is a 14-unit boutique hotel situated on the shores of Isabella Island, the westernmost inhabited island, and is currently open for business. And a new 30-unit ecolodge, which will be known as Guy Harvey Outpost Lodge, Galápagos Islands, is currently under construction in the San Cristobal highlands, set to open in 2016. It’s well-nigh impossible to secure permits to build lodgings on the highly restricted islands, but Harvey and his team have some serious credentials. “I know of no other tourism-company operation in the Galápagos that has a scientist and conservation authority as its chairman, and a research institute as a brand partner,” said company cofounder Mark Ellert. “For these reasons the park sees our interest in the Galápagos as a game changer.”

Galápagos Islands
The Iguana Crossing