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Museum of History & Industry

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Museum of History & Industry; Seattle, Washington

Museum of History & Industry; Seattle, Washington

In Seattle, you can get a nautical museum “twofer” with the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) and the Center for Wooden Boats almost next to each other at the south end of Lake Union. MOHAI is actually built to replicate a ship, and the Maritime Gallery on the fourth floor is the bridge, with windows overlooking Lake Union and much of Seattle (on a clear day). The Maritime Gallery is just one room, but it’s full of artifacts (model ships, a lighthouse lens from 1885, a diver’s helmet from the early 1900s) and interactive exhibits. The most popular is a Second World War submarine periscope that provides a 360-degree view. Peering through the periscope on a recent visit, Stella Beaudoin, 10, was delighted when she was able to zero in on her summer sailing camp on the east shore of the lake. Elsewhere in MOHAI the interactive railroad exhibit is a huge draw, and kids can borrow Exploration Packs for the day; they’re included with admission and include costumes, games, and puzzles to make the museum more hands-on and creative.

Museum Of History & Industry
860 Terry Ave. N, Seattle, Washington 98109
If you’re visiting MOHAI or the CWB by boat, CWB is in charge of slips and moorings; contact them via email:, or phone 206 382-2628.
Admission: Adult: $17; Seniors 62 and older: $15; Students, military: $14; Children 14 and under: Free

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