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MTU Model 4000 M53/M63

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MTU Model 4000 diesel engine

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Model 4000 M53/M63

MTU diesels have developed a reputation for reliable power throughout the years and the Model 4000 M53/M63 is no exception. It’s available in V-8, V-12, and V-16 configurations with horsepower ratings ranging from 1,000 to 3,000. One design element of the engine is its long stroke, which helps it develop torque at low rpm. Other highlights include long maintenance intervals of up to 33,000 hours. If you need more power, check out the MTU Model 4000 M73/M93 series, which are rated for up to 5,770 horsepower. MTU’s Series 2000 M94 engine boasts a power increase of 8 percent over its predecessor. It’s available in eight-, ten-, 12- and 16-cylinder versions in models ranging from 1,250 to 2,600 horsepower.