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It appears I’ve become too used to empty marinas and anchorages. My reservation routine is a simple matter of calling the dock master once I have their facility in sight, requesting a slip for the night, and then getting direction to its location. That’s about as much forward planning as I’ve been willing to conduct. 

Well that ill-advised plan worked when all of you had your boats hauled out waiting for the Apocalypse, when the price of fuel meant a weekend away on the boat could cost as much as some of us spent on our first cars, and marinas were barren wastelands. Well, as you probably already know, those days seem to be a distant memory, and after a cruise through the Florida Keys, I’m going to start to call ahead now for slip reservations for our northbound cruise in two months. Everywhere I’ve been lately, people are out and about enjoying their boats, smiling ear to ear, and marinas are filled to capacity. 

Thinking about this resurgence and in an effort to place the final nail in the coffin of the financial crisis of the not so recent past, we editors at Power & Motoryacht—a twisted bunch of boating nuts ourselves—have come up with a plan. Only thing is we need your help to pull it off. We’re looking at hosting our first Mid-Summer Boating Fest on July 12.

The concept is simple. On Sunday, July 12, let’s all plan to go boating. Take pictures of your day on the water and upload them to our Facebook page at, or email them to inbox@pmymag.comwith the subject Mid-Summer Boating Fest. Take your family, take a grandkid, or take a friend and head on out and send us a few selects of your special moments.

Our staff will be on the water as well. Executive Editor Capt. Bill Pike will be coming up to New England to cruise the company boat from Essex, Connecticut, to destinations unknown. Senior Editor Kevin Koenig is just not a point A to point B kind of guy, so he’ll be shark fishing in Texas. Deputy Editor Jason Wood has decided to take his family to the British Virgin Islands for a week charter. I’m a huge fan of the Caribbean in the off-season. Down there in July I can still get away with my no-planning plan. Senior Managing Editor Dan Harding Jr. will be tossing ice in the cooler and taking his classic boat off the mooring in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Our creative director Erin Kenney keeps her boat in Stuart, Florida, now and will be capturing photos for our Exposure pages. Even our unsung hero and digital editor John Turner will be leaving the confines of his mad scientist lab and looking for adventure.

I’ll be headed out to Matinicus Island, Maine, to see my good friend and editor-in-chief of Soundings, Mary South. No reservations required there. It’s a first-come, first-serve basis, where you pick up a mooring line tied to the end of a lobster pot buoy. There’s no need to check in with anyone (I think that’s the goal). You simply put your 20 bucks inside an empty two-liter plastic bottle.

Publisher Arnie Hammerman will be representing the West Coast and taking his Cutwater 26 up into the San Juans with family. Heck, even the big boss Gary De Sanctis will be cruising Lake George, New York, on a center console he built himself in his basement while his wife sat in the living room above wondering what all the racket was about. Needless to say, she didn’t get the refinished basement he led her to believe he was working on.

Then we’re going to gather all of these stories and any of yours along with pictures, and create our Mid-Summer Boating Fest special for our December 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht. Every sliver of content on every page will be captured on that day. Even our popular Boatyard section will be wrapped around yard activities on July 12. Hopefully, it’s not focused on me after an unforeseen mishap getting into the narrow harbor on Matinicus.

If you upload your pictures, we’ll enter your name to win various prizes, including a three-day stay at the Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour Marina. So what are you waiting for? Start planning now and join the rest of the boating nuts already filling up every marina and anchorage from Seattle to Key West, and share your day with your fellow readers. See you on the Water.

Go Boating and Win Big

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