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Made In Italy

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Amazing Italia!

Italian style and design blend a rich heritage with cutting-edge innovation. The result: beauty and performance melded together seamlessly.

Italy. Italia. Italiano.

Even if you don’t speak a word of Italian, the words swirl off your tongue with an accent that calls up tangy red sauces and even redder cars, magnificent sculptures, beautiful women, and morning espresso overlooking postcard harbors.

Say the words “Italian yacht” and your mind conjures up graceful and classic designs that not only have a timeless elegance, but pure, unadulterated luxury. These are yachts finished with marble from the quarries that once supplied Michelangelo, and trimmed with supple leathers from the finest fashion houses of Milan. 

The Italian tradition as boatbuilders to the world goes back to the Age of Exploration, when Genoa and Venice were great trading ports and mariners like Columbus set off to discover new lands. Today, craftsmanship continues to pass from one generation to the next, and just running your fingers lightly across the syrup-smooth finish of a rail is a sensuous delight. 

But Italian yachts are not just about looks and luxury, but performance as well. Anyone with an appreciation of fine automobiles knows better than to challenge an Italian car on a winding road, and the same is true on the water, though performance may be measured in the economy of sleek hulls rather than sheer speed. 

The yachts and equipment on the following pages have pure Italian blood pulsing in their mechanical veins, and they reflect this country’s passion for the sea, for fine design, and for sheer luxury. 

Buon Giorno!