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Long-Distance Cruisers

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Insider’s Guide to the Boat Shows in Miami - 2013

Jason Y. Wood

As propulsion systems grow more efficient and hull forms continue down a slippery slope, the distance we’re traveling on a gallon of diesel keeps stretching.

The Beneteau Swift Trawler line shows the 34, 44, and 50, three boats that combine effective fuel sipping with a jolt of speed in one package.

Fleming 55

For miles beneath her keel, it’s hard to outdo either the Fleming 55 and 65, two designs that get tweaked with each build in a sort of rolling development program. The 55 won the 2012 AIM Marine Group Editors’ Choice Enduring Classic Award.

The Greenline 33 incorporates innovative design features along with various combined propulsion systems, including hybrid. Meanwhile, the Garcia Trawler 54 has a shippy profile and high levels of efficiency. The Nordic Tug 34 cuts a traditional figure with impressive range. 

The Azimut Magellano 43 continues the work begun by the 74- and 50-foot models, creating an efficient cruiser with excellent seakeeping and comfort aboard.

Kadey-Krogen is rolling out its 44 AE (that stands for “advanced ergonomics”) on the heels of its successful 48-footer. The 52 will also be on display, winner of the 2012 AIM Marine Group Editors’ Choice Award for Best Passage Maker from 50 to 60 feet.

The Hampton Long Range Cruiser 680 provides efficient operation, but adds a nice turn of speed. Take a look at the company’s 700 as well.

Check out the Grand Banks Heritage 54 EU, about which Editor-in-Chief George Sass Jr. said: “The motion at 10 knots is gentle and the stabilized 54 shrugged off the offshore swells encountered during our sea trial with aplomb. We pointed her bow into some sloppy head seas and she rose gradually and entered the trough like a falling piece of cotton.”

The shiplike Horizon EP 69 is built to explore beyond your personal cruising range.

For flexible design, it’s hard to beat Outer Reef Yachts. The company brings both its 650 and 700 models to Miami to inspire owners to come up with their own designs. Of the Outer Reef 700, writer Chris Caswell had this to say in his review in our January 2013 issue: “I’ve saved the engine room for dessert, because this is where cruising skippers are going to do their ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’ It is, quite simply, superb. First, there is ample space between the twin Cat C9s to walk on the nonslip decking, and stainless steel rails protect you against hot or moving parts. Every possible maintenance point is readily accessible, and it’s clear that (unlike most automobiles) this engine room was laid out by someone who has actually worked on engines.”

Percheron is a CDM Darwin 86 with an 11,100-gallon fuel capacity that makes her a voyager with world-ringing aspirations. And if two hulls are better than one, look no further than the Sunreef Power Cat 70, with its broad deck spaces and stable stance.

Marlow Yachts will debut four new models in their Explorer series at the Miami show—the 57E, 62E, 66E and 97E. All designed and built with the high Marlow pedigree, these vessels are sure to pull at the heartstrings of yachtsmen with a bit of nautical wanderlust. The smallest of the fleet, the Explorer57E boasts a three-head, three-stateroom layout, a flying bridge, and newly designed aft deck that allows for more outdoor entertainment space. Also making her debut at the show is the brand new Explorer 62E. Designed off the popular 61E, the 62E has an increased beam (19 feet, 6 inches), increased fuel capacity (200 more gallons) and a 4-inch reduction in draft. In addition, thanks to the placement of her engines and a reduced shaft angle, the company estimates the 62E will be 5 percent faster than the 61, with 10 percent greater fuel efficiency. While you’re there, make sure to take a look at hull number one of the brand new Explorer 66E. She’ll be easy to spot—in the sea of traditional blue and white color schemes she’s boasting a light-green hull color (to coincide with her name—Sea Foam). Rounding out the display will be the commanding Marlow Explorer 97E. Ready for whatever horizon-seeking trip you can plan, the 97E has a company-estimated range of 3,700 nautical miles while cruising at 8.5 knots. If you need to beat the weather, put down the pins and this 100-foot-plus LOA vessel will get up to 30 knots! Check out all of these great vessels, plus new tenders, at the Marlow display, Pier 1 at the Sea Isle Marina, Biscayne Bay area.