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A Few Large, Heavy Tools

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Story and photography by Capt. Vince Daniello

A few other large, heavy tools that don’t travel well but come in handy include a 3-pound sledgehammer, a 15-inch adjustable wrench, a set of 16-inch arc-joint pliers, and a giant screwdriver. Also, swing by a T-top fabricator’s shop and pick up a couple of lengths of 1 7/8-inch-ID aluminum pipe to fit over wrench handles for added leverage. And finally, if traveling afar, add a full set of 1/2-inch drive sockets (with a long-handle U-joint ratchet) and an open-end wrench big enough to fit the flexible mounts on your engine(s). And, if you’ve got a mechanic flying in, send him an accurate list so he can travel light.

Large, Heavy Tools