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Korean marine electronics tour, w/ apps & gadgets

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Written by Ben Ellison on May 29, 2013 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


The original idea was to finish this entry during the Chicago stop of the very long journey seen on the nifty FlightTrack app screen above, but travel mistakes were made and O'Hara airport had less connectivity than one might presume in this day and age.  Is anyone surprised to hear that the Tokyo and Seoul airports are much friendlier to the traveler trying to stay in touch?  So, yes, I'm already in  Korea and will soon begin a writer's tour that is being hosted by Intellian Technologies and that is intended in part to show us the state of recreational boating in this "technology-led" country...


Of course I brought some mobile gadgets both to use and test. Will the DeLorme inReach tracking and messaging system work on the other side of the globe? And how about that new SPOT Gen3? This particular unit is a beta model and I can't discuss its performance yet, but the existence and features of Gen3 are out of the bag. Can their internal GPSs come close to the Bad Elf Pro?
I also just received an Ocean Signal RescueME PLB and while I can't really test it, I'll guess that I was better prepared than most if we'd had to ditch in the Aleutians and I can also say that this is definitely the most pocket friendly PLB I've ever handled. And while I was pleasantly surprised to get text messages on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus welcoming me to Korea and laying out the reasonable voice/text costs and very unreasonable data price ($20.48 per megabyte!), I'm going to try using Google Voice for texting and calls when I get WiFi (which seems very fast and widely available)...


What will we be doing for the next three days? Very soon we'll be going to KIBS, the Korea International Boat Show, tomorrow we'll visit the Intellian R&D center, and on Saturday my friend, neighbor and Marine Electronics Journal Editor Jim Fullilove has arranged a bullet train trip to Busan where we'll visit the Korea Maritime University. Apparently there's quite a NMEA 2000 labratory there and much else of interest. I probably won't be able to write much but I do have new scheme for sharing photos and short comments. The widget below is connected to an Instagram account so I should be able to post images to it fairly easily. We'll see!

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